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Betting Products

Best Tote + SP
This product is the best of either the 'Best of the 3 Australian TAB Prices' or the 'Official On-Course Starting Price (SP)'. SP only applies to the Win Portion of the bet.
Best of 3 Totes
This product is the best of the 3 Australian TAB prices.
Best of 2 Totes
This product is the better of the dividend declared by either NSW TAB or the Victorian Super TAB.
Middle Tote
This product is the middle dividend of the 3 Australian TAB prices.
Win and Place Tote + 5%
BetDogs will pay a dividend 5% higher than the Victorian TAB (STAB) (On profit portion of dividend, not stake).
All Racing exotics (Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, First Four and Quadrella) are paid at the dividend declared by the Victorian TAB (STAB).
Best Fluctuation
This product is the Best Price declared by the Official Bookmakers Fluctuations (does not include any Pre-post flucs displayed on site pre opening official call). Each Way Betting is only available on certain races, determined at BetDogs management discretion, based upon individual market percentages. This option is available until the first official fluctuation is released - generally 25 mins pre the race commencing.
Best of the Best Premium (BOB)
This product is the Best of either, 'Best of 3 Australian TAB prices' or the 'Official Best Fluctuation'. Each Way is only available on certain races at the discretion of BetDogs management. Bets must be placed 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time on selected meetings. This product is subject to Rule 11(f) and (m).
A MultiBet (All-Up Bet) is the combination of numerous single bets which multiply the individual odds creating the total dividend. BetDogs accepts MultiBets from 2-10 legs. BetDogs maximum dividend for this product is $10,001. MultiBets cannot be placed on "dependant events".
Fixed Odds
Fixed Win and Place odds are available on the BetDogs website and upon confirmation, are not subject to fluctuation.